G’Day, Mates

What’s up Easy Star Nation,

We here at Easy Star would like to kick off this week’s post with some awesome news for all you folks Down Under: the Easy Star All-Stars are coming your way for a 5 show stint starting December 29th.  There’s been plenty of great press about these shows: check out their profiles in Lip Mag, The Music, and PRIMO! Magazine. And remember, there’s a new tribute album cookin’ in the Easy Star kitchen…

Our buddies, The Green, have continued to receive large helpings of praise from the music media. Here’s a stellar review of Ways & Means from All Music Guide.

The Green also got a little love from New Zealand (home to Easy Star labelmates, The Black Seeds), with NZ’s National Weekend newspaper giving the album 4 stars, saying that The Green “should find an immediate audience with Kiwi reggae fans.” Not too mention, The Green were selected among the top 10 reggae artists this year by Billboard, an accolade made even sweeter by the fact that their company on the list includes such reggae heavy-hitters as Bob Marley and Matisyahu!

Cas Haley’s Gifts to Give, a groovy soundtrack to a groovy Christmas, received a nice review from Pop Stereo, calling it, “a quirky Christmas record that’s great stuff.” On top of that, Cas’ “Let it Snow” was featured in a recent Christmas episode of “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

A fan of John Brown’s Body’s Pressure Points? Then check out this superb remix of their track,“Heart and Soul,” by The Gunpoets at Act Live Music.


Last but not least…

Got a whole bunch of holiday cash, but have no idea where to spend? The Easy Star Records Online Store has got you covered! We’ve got everything from this to that! 

Happy New Year and Be Good To One Another,